Expanding our vegan portfolio for the bakery, pastry and ice cream market: Kievit® Vana-Grasa 70M 064


With our dairy and plant-based ingredients, we are able to offer a variety of choices for our customers and their consumers. Over the last year, we have observed that vegan positioning has grown significantly and many NPDs (New Product Developments) within baking and ingredients mixes and ice cream are now labelled “vegan”.

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Nowadays, it is almost a necessity for bakeries and ice cream shops to have a diverse menu that can cater to the growing popularity of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets. Our new Kievit Vana®-Grasa 70M 064 is a unique, vegan fat powder for the bakery, pastry and ice cream market. With this new vegan fat powder, manufacturers and producers of baking, pastry and ice cream products, can now offer their customers varied and delicious choices. This serves conscious consumers and allows manufacturers to stand out in the market.


Professionals’ challenges while offering a diverse menuLaunch new Kievit Grasa 70M 064_vegan portfolio

How will you keep your vegan pastry moist? How will you offer vegan pastry without half of the basic ingredients? Or, how will you become a front runner in the vegan ice creams market? Consumers are no longer looking just at caloric intake; they are also looking at the total solution for a product – with no added sugar, no palm oil, no gluten and no dairy.


Core benefits of Kievit Vana®-Grasa 70M 064

To help food professionals with these challenges, we have developed the vegan fat-powder: Kievit Vana®-Grasa 70M 064. This fat powder is palm & dairy-free and serves to make sponge cakes, regular cakes or even ice cream. It is a versatile ingredient based on coconut and pea protein for the bakery and ice cream industry, with possibilities for “dairy-free”, “palm-free”, and “no added sugar” declarations*. It is a powerful product that aims to help create indulgent vegan delights on a diverse menu, suited for every consumer.

* Vegan definition & declaration (palm & dairy free and no added sugar) differs per country and segment, please check with your local RA for claims.

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