New highly indulgent and efficient instant pastry cream: Kievit Vana-Monte DP580


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In the bakery industry consumers are no longer simply looking for delicious taste. They want a multi-sensorial experience that engages and integrates all senses and they actively search for ‘Instagrammable’ experiences. The new Kievit Vana®-Monte DP580 responds to this trend by enhancing the firmness of instant pastry cream, making cakes look firm and creating a smooth layer and sharp swirls. With this ingredient, bakeries can offer their consumers fascinating, exceptionally delicious cakes and pastries that look fantastic and are ‘Instagrammable’. Pastry that will have consumers immerse in all senses.

Lemon poppy pie_with Kievit Vana Monte DP580: indulgent and efficient

Lemon poppy pie with Kievit Vana-Monte DP580

Consumers are also increasingly looking for personalised food and beverages. Worldwide, they’d like cakes and pastry with a personal finishing touch, to have something unique and created ‘in the moment’. With its versatility Kievit Vana®-Monte DP580 allows bakers to give their consumers a personal experience.

DIY Doughnut with Kievit Vana Monte DP580: indulgent and efficient

DIY Donut with Kievit Vana Monte DP580: indulgent and efficient

Pastry cream powder versatility

Kievit Vana®-Monte DP580 offers bakers not just an ingredient to satisfy their consumers’ need for multisensory, personalised food, it also delivers excellent efficiency in the bakery by providing more volume allowing bakers to create many applications. It provides more firmness after rewhipping, resulting in no waste – an important factor to bakers. The innovative pastry cream powder works with ambient temperature and ice water (or milk) and has lasting stability, even at room temperature. Tt is easy to spread in seconds, an element essential for bakers. Bakers can create innovative and delicious recipes such as a ‘Lemon Poppy Pie’ a ‘Black Forest Cherry Trifle’, donuts, quark-cakes and many more.

Blackberry forest cherry trifle_with Kievit Vana Monte DP580: indulgent and efficient

Black Forest Cherry Trifle with Kievit Vana-Monte DP580

Online listening research

FrieslandCampina Food & Beverages has recently conducted research into the changing behaviours and trends of consumers, providing customers with the latest trends in the bakery market. The studies show that for consumers, personalization in cake means limitless topping options and flavours. At online and social media, consumers’ main obsession are cake decorations and how they can create pastry that looks amazing. They focus on two characteristics of awesomely looking cakes. The study demonstrates that the new Kievit Vana®-Monte DP580 is spot-on for addressing the latest consumer needs.

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