Trends in Tasty Treats

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Recipes in action

We understand that you’d like to be assured that the recipes work easily in practice. In R&D you need to know your recipes can deliver on performance promises. Convince yourself by watching our ingredients not only perform in terms of functionality, but also deliver in interaction in all our recipes.

Gluten-free Sponge Cake

Curious about how you can make a gluten-free sponge cake with the right texture and a high firmness? Watch our video tutorial.

Creamy Sunset Surprise Cake

Would you like to know our insider tip to create a solution for more creamy cake layers, icing and toppings? Watch the video!

Market data for a confident launch

Developing a new product from scratch is time-consuming and costly. And you want to be sure there’s a ready market for your new product before you commit. Our recipes are backed by consumer data, sensory research, growth hacking data or consumer panels. Tap into our wealth of market data to back up the fact that the trends are here to stay, that the recipes present valuable market opportunities.

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'Trends in Tasty Treats' Webinar

Missed out on the live webinar?

On 19 November we launched our Trend Report 2021-2021 during the ‘Trends in Tasty Treats’ webinar. If you missed out on the live webinar, you can view a recording of the whole webinar here. We trust you’ll find it interesting, informative and inspirational.

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